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  • SKU: ZD207


    Wagner QS™ brake pads are designed and tested to restore like-new performance. These pads are developed with a 100% post-cure process to ensure even friction performance throughout the life of the pad and are engineered to reduce noise-causing vibration.

    • RESTORES LIKE-NEW BRAKING PERFORMANCE — OE fit and form design delivers consistent, even braking throughout the life of the brake pad
    • REDUCED VIBRATION — Application-specific design reduces noise-causing vibration
    • EVEN PERFORMANCE — Engineered for consistent braking throughout the life of the pad
    • APPLICATION-SPECIFIC MATERIALS – Formulated to meet the unique needs of each vehicle application
    • HARDWARE INCLUDED – Premium stainless-steel hardware and OE-style lubricant included in most applications
    • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE — Brake pads available for all vehicle types
    • ZERO COPPER FORMULATION — Features Wagner OE25™ zero-copper friction formulation
  • SKU: Z505

    Wagner® brake shoes utilize OE-matched friction materials for optimal brake performance and precision-ground materials to maximize friction-to-drum contact.

    • OPTIMAL BRAKING PERFORMANCE — OE-matched friction material for optimal brake performance
    • MAXIMIZES FRICTION-TO-DRUM CONTACT — Precision ground material maximizes friction-to-drum contact
    • MATCHES OE DESIGN –Attached levers and pins included to match OE (on specific applications)
    • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE — Available for foreign and domestic nameplates
    • HARDWARE INCLUDED — Attached levers and pins to match OE are included on select applications
  • SKU: X241


    ECOGARD standard oil filters are precisely designed and engineered to meet OEM requirements and fitment. Providing high efficiency and dirt holding capacity, our filters maximize oil flow, resulting in optimal engine performance and longevity as well as enhanced fuel economy.
    • Engineered to deliver up to 5,000 miles of engine protection
    • 96% Multi-Pass efficiency and removal of particles as small as 20 microns
    • Anti-drain back valve with high retention power to help protect the engine during start-up
    • Nitrile gasket provides a consistent seal to prevent leaks
    • All metal end caps increase filter stability and integrity for greater wear resistance
    • For ultimate performance and benefits, conventional or synthetic blend motor oil is recommended
  • SKU: ST13R

    Safely remove your radiator cap by venting the pressure from the cooling system before removing the cap. Manufactured to meet all OEM specifications. Designed to be easy to install and remove. Manufactured from high quality components with proper relief and vacuum valves. Quality tested to stand up to even the most demanding automotive cooling systems.

  • SKU: 32066

    Engineered to get more miles from your car, Monro-Matic® PLUS shocks are equipped with nitrogen gas charge and feature Velocity Proportional Valving (VPV) technology for improved comfort at an economical price.

    • CONSISTENT RIDE — Velocity Proportional Valving (VPV) technology and all-weather fluid containing special additives to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction and an overall smoother ride
    • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE — Nitrogen gas-charge maintains tire-to-road contact for improved ride and handling by reducing aeration
    • RESTORES RIDE AND HANDLING — Larger bore provides more efficient damping control to provide consistency and a smooth ride (where applicable)
    • BUILT TO LAST — Self-lubricating fluid seal retains gas and reduces excessive friction against the piston rod to help reduce premature wear while banded piston and bronze reinforced guide provide durability
    • GET MORE MILES FROM YOUR RIDE — Designed and validated to meet OE spec and deliver consistent performance