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  • SKU: K040320-SUN

    TIMING BELTS and V-RIBBED BELTS are core components for all automobile engines. Sub-standard belts can cause serious engine damage, and it is always recommended to choose a reliable brand. We have more than 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the global market with continuous innovation of belt technology. Our “SUN” and “UNISOL” Brand Automotive Belts guarantee TOP QUALITY from.

    Normal Type
    Stretch Type(S-Type)New Technology


    • * Manufactured by the top power transmission belt manufacturer.
      (Certified ISO/TS16949, ISO9001:2008, JIS-Q9001:2008).
    • * Advanced EPDM/EB rubber technology
    • * High efficiency (lighter & more flexible)
    • * Improved heat resistance (+15%) and cold registance (+30%) “material comparison”
    • * Variety of sizes covering most of applications,
      3PK, 4PK, 5PK, 6PK, 7PK, 8PK, 9PK & 10PKNEW: from 500m/m to 2600m/m.
      3PK from 500m/m to 2,600m/m
    • * Compatible to O.E. standard specifications.
    • * Excellent quality to assure reliability and longer life.
    • * Competitive price.
  • SKU: 5040333


    Poly-V / Serpentine belts are produced for accessory transmissions of cars, commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles and buses. With multiple accessories (air conditioning, power steering pumps, alternators, water pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.) and operating conditions with temperatures up to 130°C / 266°F  have made it essential to upgrade the materials and construction technology.

    Poly-V / Serpentine belts are all made of EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomers) material and are compliant with the latest standards required by the automotive industry, guaranteeing resistance, reliability, low noise and a longer service life.

    The main features are:

    • High bending flexibility for use on small diameter pulleys
    • Enginereed with power transmission on both sides of the belts, as per the “DPK” (Double Poly-V)
    • Resistance to high operating temperatures for a longer service life
    • Adapting to the demands of the automotive sector, Dayco has developed the latest generation of Poly-V / Poly-V serpentine belts for the aftermarket, capable of handling high workloads, while maintaining constant high performance.
  • SKU: 320595

    National has built a reputation as one of the most respected names in the industry. We have offered premium sealing solutions for more than 75 years. Our design team keeps pace with the industry and provides advanced solutions for today’s vehicles.



     Design type: spring loaded; multi-lip


     Temperature range: -80 to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit / -62 to 176 Degrees Celsius


     Good dry heat resistance


     Excellent low temperature capability


     Delivers quality and reliable performance for every type of repair

  • SKU: 96087-NK

    NiBK Standard Design Rotor (Blank/Plain Rotor)


    • Precise Tolerant
    • < 100gr balancing standard approved by all countries include EU
    • It is suitable for all car and trucks

    All NIBK brake rotors are manufactured to match the exact OE fit, OE construction, and precision finishing to ensure quick and easy installation, as well as trouble-free functionality for the life of the rotor. NIBK Brake Rotors are designed to provide the finest braking experience – from break in throughout the life of the rotor, reducing the chance of warping even under extreme braking temperatures.

  • SKU: K040320

    Import or domestic, car or truck, every vehicle can depend on the superior quality of Gates® precision fit Micro-V® belts. With advanced technology that matches the OE size, construction and materials, Gates Micro-V ensures optimal vehicle performance. Micro-V belts provide peak operating performance while delivering the highest value on the market.

    • Special belt construction eliminates belt noise, reduces tension loss, and solves problem drive applications.
    • Utilizes advanced materials like Aramid Fiber found in bullet-proof vests and crack and heat-resistant EPDM materials.
    • Meets or exceeds all specifications from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.


  • SKU: X10479

    ECOGARD standard oil filters are precisely designed and engineered to meet OEM requirements and fitment. Providing high efficiency and dirt holding capacity, our filters maximize oil flow, resulting in optimal engine performance and longevity as well as enhanced fuel economy.
    • Engineered to deliver up to 5,000 miles of engine protection
    • 96% Multi-Pass efficiency and removal of particles as small as 20 microns
    • Anti-drain back valve with high retention power to help protect the engine during start-up
    • Nitrile gasket provides a consistent seal to prevent leaks
    • All metal end caps increase filter stability and integrity for greater wear resistance
    • For ultimate performance and benefits, conventional or synthetic blend motor oil is recommended
  • SKU: t37

    Manufactured to meet all OEM specifications. Designed to be easy to install and remove. Manufactured from high quality components with proper relief and vacuum valves. Quality tested to stand up to even the most demanding automotive cooling systems.

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