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  • SKU: ZD1210
    • Material: Ceramic
    • Compatibility: 2006 TOYOTA RAV4 2.4L L4, 2007 TOYOTA RAV4 2.4L L4, 2008 SCION XB 2.4L L4, 2008 SCION XD 1.8L L4, 2008 TOYOTA RAV4 2.4L L4, 2009 PONTIAC VIBE 1.8L L4, 2009 SCION XB 2.4L L4, 2009 SCION XD 1.8L L4, 2009 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2009 TOYOTA COROLLA 2.4L L4, 2009 TOYOTA MATRIX 1.8L L4, 2009 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2010 LEXUS HS250H 2.4L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2010 PONTIAC VIBE 1.8L L4, 2010 SCION XB 2.4L L4, 2010 SCION XD 1.8L L4, 2010 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2010 TOYOTA COROLLA 2.4L L4, 2010 TOYOTA MATRIX 1.8L L4, 2010 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2011 LEXUS HS250H 2.4L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2011 SCION XB 2.4L L4, 2011 SCION XD 1.8L L4, 2011 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2011 TOYOTA MATRIX 1.8L L4, 2011 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2012 LEXUS HS250H 2.4L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2012 SCION XB 2.4L L4, 2012 SCION XD 1.8L L4, 2012 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2012 TOYOTA MATRIX 1.8L L4, 2012 TOYOTA PRIUS V 1.8L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2012 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2013 SCION XB 2.4L L4, 2013 SCION XD 1.8L L4, 2013 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2013 TOYOTA MATRIX 1.8L L4, 2013 TOYOTA PRIUS V 1.8L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2013 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2013 TOYOTA RAV4 ELECTRIC, 2014 SCION XB 2.4L L4, 2014 SCION XD 1.8L L4, 2014 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2014 TOYOTA PRIUS V 1.8L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2014 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2014 TOYOTA RAV4 ELECTRIC, 2015 SCION XB 2.4L L4, 2015 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2015 TOYOTA PRIUS V 1.8L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2015 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2016 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2016 TOYOTA PRIUS V 1.8L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2016 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2016 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2017 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2017 TOYOTA PRIUS V 1.8L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2017 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2017 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2018 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4, 2018 TOYOTA PRIUS V 1.8L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2018 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4, 2018 TOYOTA RAV4 2.5L L4 ELECTRIC/GAS, 2019 TOYOTA COROLLA 1.8L L4

    QuickStop; Ceramic; Includes Installation Hardware
    Wagner® QuickStop® brake pads are designed, tested and certified to ensure a vehicle’s braking system will be restored to original equipment performance.
    Features & Benefits:
    Low dust, low noise Ceramic formulation
    OE fit and form design delivers consistent, even braking throughout the life of the brake pad
    Application-specific design reduces noise-causing vibration
    Engineered for consistent braking throughout the life of the pad
    Formulated to meet the unique needs of each vehicle application
    Premium stainless-steel hardware and OE-style lubricant included in most applications
    Features Wagner OE25™ zero-copper friction formulation

  • SKU: T51

    Manufactured to meet all OEM specifications. Designed to be easy to install and remove. Manufactured from high quality components with proper relief and vacuum valves. Quality tested to stand up to even the most demanding automotive cooling systems.

  • SKU: X6311

    ECOGARD standard oil filters are precisely designed and engineered to meet OEM requirements and fitment. Providing high efficiency and dirt holding capacity, our filters maximize oil flow, resulting in optimal engine performance and longevity as well as enhanced fuel economy.
    • Engineered to deliver up to 5,000 miles of engine protection
    • 96% Multi-Pass efficiency and removal of particles as small as 20 microns
    • Anti-drain back valve with high retention power to help protect the engine during start-up
    • Nitrile gasket provides a consistent seal to prevent leaks
    • All metal end caps increase filter stability and integrity for greater wear resistance
    • For ultimate performance and benefits, conventional or synthetic blend motor oil is recommended
  • SKU: PCB10358


    Pentius UltraFLOW Oil Filters are available for a wide range of U.S. domestic and import vehicles.

    Oil filters prevent the engine wear and maintain the lubricating performance of the oil by filtering the soot and metal particules from engine lubricants.

    The UltraFLOW Oil Filters by Pentius are manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment (OEM) specifications. Through a number of technological advances, we have pioneered increasingly better methods to prevent harmful contaminants from causing premature engine wear or damage. All of our filters incorporate advanced filtration technology to deliver superior filtering characteristics while delivering cost savings benefits to our customers and they are manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System.

    We are currently offering the spin-on type as well as environmental friendly cartridge oil filters for a wide range of U.S. and import vehicles. UltraFlow oil filter fits a variety of vehicles, from small four-cylinder engines to medium-duty diesel engines. Whether you’re looking for a filter for your personal vehicle, or an entire fleet, Pentius has you covered! Our primary focus is to provide quality products to our customers supported by a real commitment to customer service. Our filters are also priced to provide you and your customer with the best quality at a reasonable and competitive price!

    The UltraFLOW Oil Filter incorporates advanced filtration technologies while still delivering cost saving benefits with higher efficiencies, greater engine protection and longer filter life.

  • SKU: 9410

    Champion® Iridium – the ultimate element. This spark plug’s fine-wire iridium center and platinum ground electrodes provide the sharpest spark focus for maximum performance.

    • Champion Iridium – Maximum Performance. Premium Spark Plug
    • Iridium center electrode delivers maximum life
    • Fine-wire center electrode and V-trimmed for greater ignitability
    • V-trimmed ground electrode promotes sharper spark focus
    • Maintains stable operating temperature under all engine loads
    • Heat-Active™ alloy allows electrodes to reach optimal temperature quickly