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  • SKU: 926-959 DORMAN

    The oil filter adapter on millions of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram V6-powered vehicles often leaks oil when its plastic housing warps from harsh underhood conditions. As the plastic eventually degrades from heat and chemical exposure, it can even crack from simply tightening the oil filter cap during oil changes. When it fails, replacing it with an OEM housing could mean the same issues again in the future. This patented Dorman OE FIX filter housing is made entirely of aluminum for a more durable replacement of the failure-prone OEM housing to help prevent future leaks. The housing comes complete with mounting and intake manifold gaskets for an effective repair. The kit also includes the oil cooler, oil filter element, and oil filter cap to update the vehicle to the latest design.

    • Patented design – features high-pressure, die-cast aluminum housing construction to more reliably replace the failure-prone plastic housing on specific 2011 and later Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles with Pentastar engines
    • Smarter solution – includes required gaskets, oil cooler, oil filter element and cap, bringing early fitments to latest generation filter specification; see included instructions on filter cap
    • Trustworthy quality – engineered in the United States and made with durable materials to precise specifications, including premium seals to further help resist future leaks
    • Repair it once – don’t replace a cracked oil filter adapter with one that can fail the same way again; fix it the right way with this improved design