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  • SKU: 703 S-7000 10W-30

    API Service Classification SN PLUS, Resource Conserving; ILSAC GF-5. 

    Supreme 7000™ Synthetic 10W-30 Plus provides extra protection during stop-and-go driving conditions and is recommended for gasoline fueled automobile and light duty truck engines (including turbocharged and supercharged engines).

    Our 10W-30 is a multi-grade gasoline oil engineered with the finest quality, severely hydrotreated polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic based fluids and solvent refined, and severely raffinate hydroconverted Group II Plus. This unique blend creates a premium, longer lasting oil that withstands a higher heat range than conventional oil. Using proprietary friction modifiers, Micron Moly® and Penetro®, Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus 10W-30 quickly plates to metal surfaces, creating a slippery, tenacious shield that prevents metal-to-metal contact. By reducing friction and wear, Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus 10W-30 protects critical engine parts and increases engine efficiency, engine life and fuel economy.

    Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus keeps engines exceptionally clean and free from oil residue and sludge, allowing the oil to flow freely and lubricate properly. For extra protection in cold weather, our 10W-30 engine oil offers superior cold cranking and oil pumpability at low temperatures.

  • SKU: 315236

    Formulated with synthetic base oils and a state of the art additive system, ProLine Full Synthetic motor oil provides an increased level of engine protection even under the most severe driving conditions.

  • SKU: 00279-1QT30-6S

    Toyota Genuine Parts Motor Oil is the exact original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fluid that your vehicle came with. When you select a Genuine OEM fluid. You can rely on the high quality and effectiveness of the product and brand without having to guess if the product will work in sequence with your vehicle. Protecting your investment is important and choosing the right fluids can be challenging. So don’t risk another minute by searching and buying something that might work. Stick with what you know and choose genuine OEM fluids.