Wheel Bearing

GMB’s High-Grade Wheel Bearings and Hub Assemblies offer OEM strength and longevity. GMB Wheel Bearings & Hub Assemblies feature:

  • High-grade GCR15 steel with G-10 resin finish prevents premature failure and is built for high temperatures and heavy loads.
  • Premium grade ABS sensors with 99.9% pure copper wiring for greater electrical conductivity and optimal brake system performance.
  • Triple and quadruple lip seal designs ensure your bearings have maximum protection from the elements and dust.
  • Roll-formed hubs eliminate the need for welding, which improves strength (welding can create weak points within the hub, so we don’t weld our hubs).

With GMB’s 100% factory-tested Wheel Bearings & Hub Assemblies, you can be confident in weather protection, proper lubrication, and optimal hub performance.



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Vehicle Fitment


Weight 27.00 lbs
Dimensions 8.89 × 5.80 × 8.89 in




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